Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Strengthening Families Protective Factors are new framework for child abuse and neglect prevention and promoting optimal child development. The protective factors shift the focus of child abuse and neglect prevention efforts from family risks and deficits to family strengths and resiliency. By recognizing and building on existing strengths within communities and families, we can support all families in providing a healthy, safe, and loving environment for children.

This is a three (3) part training, along with self-reflection. No partial credit will be given.

Session 1: September 28,2021 1-3pm

Session 2: September 29,2021 1-3pm

Session 3: September 30,2021 1-3pm

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Strengthening Families and Pyramid Model Trainings are funded by:

    State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services State of Alaska, Department of Education & Early Development Alaska Children's Trust
This session has been approved by the SEED Training Approval System. For more information about SEED Training Approval System please go to www.seedalaska.org.

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Statewide, AK
Crystal Akagi