ERS - Art Area - Paint your way to competence and self-expression for young children.

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

This Event has been Cancelled.

This training is offered as an individualized look into how you might create an accessible and experientially diverse area for art in an Early Childhood Classroom. It is based on foundations from the Environmental Rating Scale, so if you’ve taken an ERS class in person or online this is a more specific look at the art area. If you haven’t taken an ERS class, don’t worry! In this class we’ll cover:

  • what an art area might look like in your classroom or home, and the ERS recommended materials for this area
  • what benefits children experience from different kinds of art materials
  • how to introduce this area and new materials with children
  • fine motor, coordination, and sense of self development in infants through pre-school aged children
  • art activities that promote competency, independence, and self-expression in young children

Please bring your questions, you favorite and least favorite project ideas, and pictures (on your phone works perfectly) of your art area/materials in your classroom or home.

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