Thursday, Apr 25, 2019
6:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Let's explore some ideas on what to make with recyclables and how do we incorporate this idea inot our programs. How do we teach children to recycle? Where do we start?


  • Where do you think the garbage goes?
  • Have pictures of things that are made out of recyclables
  • What can you do with toilet paper/paper towel rolls?
  • Painting with:
  • Celebrate earth day
  • Learn about the earth
  • Have a cleanup day in community
  • Loose parts
  • Why should we recycle?
  • What should we recycle?
  • Books about recycling
    • Why should I recycle
    • Don’t throw that away
    • Go green
    • The adventures of a plastic bottle
    • The earth book
    • How to help the earth
    • Compost stew
    • We are extremely good recyclers
    • 10 things I can do to help our world
  • Go to the library
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Sandra Morgan