ERS - Reading area - Books, Reading, and Luring in Literacy

This training focuses on integrating fun and effective literacy practices into your home or classroom. Based on fundimentals from the Environmental Rating Scale, we will look at how providers can help foster a love of books, reading and all things literacy in young children. It’s all about books and literacy! In this class we will cover:

• what a book/reading area might look like in your classroom or home, and the ERS recommended materials for this area

• how to categorize children’s books, and assess their quality, diversity, and appropriate age range

• how to introduce and use books with children

• literacy development in infants through pre-school aged children

• activities that promote reading, writing, and a love for books

Please bring your questions, a couple of children’s books, and pictures (on your phone works perfectly) of your reading area and book shelf/bucket/pile.

This training is a WEBINAR so it will be offered through Zoom Video Conferencing which requires participants to have access to a computer, internet, e-mail address, and phone. Once registration for training is completed, an e-mail will be sent with more details for accessing the training.

Price: $0.00

No training dates are currently scheduled.